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To help you find relevant information on specific topics within imaging informatics, and connect with others with similar interests, SIIM has formed Groups. Each Group allows you to find and subscribe to information related to its description, as well as interact with others within the Group, posting questions to the forum, writing and commenting on blog posts, or simply tagging content as a favorite.

Anaytical Informatics


  Enterprise Imaging Informatics

Enterprise Imaging

Analytics covers methods and tools related to using data to support process improvements and to measure and maximize profits.

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Enterprise imaging informatics covers methods and tools related to capturing, incorporating, and managing imaging related records.

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Productivity and Workflow

Productivity and Workflow

  Quality Management


Productivity and workflow covers methods and tools related to increasing throughput and lowering costs.

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Informatics is a crucial element in supporting and building an effective culture of quality within the department and for re-designing healthcare.

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Supporting Healthcare Through Innovation, Creativity, and Discovery

The Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) aspires to be the leading healthcare professional organization representing interests and goals of those who work with and whose work is affected by the rapidly changing world of information and imaging technologies. SIIM seeks to spearhead research, education, and discovery of innovative solutions and new technologies to improve the delivery of medical imaging services and the quality and safety of patient care.

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