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By Janice Honeyman-Buck, PhD, FSIIM

The October issue of JDI has the usual mix of interesting articles on all aspects of Imaging Informatics in Medicine, but I’ve continued my tradition of grouping breast imaging articles in October to recognize Breast Cancer Awareness month. This year, we have three articles focusing on different methods for breast mass detection and one on detecting pectoral muscles in mammograms.

By Anna Marie Mason, MS, CAE

“Execution without vision is chaos; vision without execution is tweeting”

Fostering a culture of game-changing leadership, the SIIM Board of Directors created forward thinking as well as somewhat disruptive thinking goals within the SIIM 2014-2017 Strategic Plan. One key strategy of the plan is to change the imaging informatics landscape by championing and spearheading innovation within a knowledge model of enterprise image capture and management, EMR integration, productivity, quality, and analytics.

By Anna Marie Mason, MS, CAE

HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) and SIIM (Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine) have joined forces to establish a Joint Workgroup to share enterprise imaging strategies and to create awareness that images are an essential part of the EHR.

By David Brown, CIIP

The future holds great opportunities for SIIM. SIIM will continue to expand its focus to include new challenges being encountered in enterprise and regional imaging informatics. There is a vast pool of knowledge available, with many lessons learned. This knowledge can, and should, be leveraged to address the issues that are being examined across multiple imaging disciplines.

By Prasanth Prasanna, MD

After reading "The energy and greenhouse-gas implications of internet video streaming in the United States", I started thinking about the implications of this paper and how we can apply it to medical informatics. While we aren’t in the DVD production business we do have a lot of CD’s laying around. The article points to many causes of increase carbon emissions associated with physical media over streaming. Mostly these include travel costs associated with getting the discs and the energy used in viewing the discs at home.

By Brad Genereaux

There is an exciting event coming up at the next HL7 FHIR Connectathon, in Chicago on Sept. 13-14. One of the announced tracks is on DICOMweb and FHIR Imaging Study. This track will explore the intersections between the two standards, elicit feedback on what we got right in aligning the two standards together, and likely create/show some stellar implementations in the process.

By Janice Honeyman-Buck, PhD, FSIIM

I’m pleased to announce that Dr. Bradley Erickson has graciously agreed to serve as an associate editor for the Journal of Digital Imaging (JDI). Dr. Erickson brings his energy and expertise to the management of some of our most challenging manuscripts. I am very excited to be working with him and am grateful for his help and leadership in both JDI and SIIM.


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