Presentation Weekly Highlight – Enterprise Imaging Informatics

Each week this summer, SIIM will be highlighting a current hot topic within the imaging informatics community that features one of the five SIIM knowledge themes. The featured presentation for the week of July 16-22 is a discussion on moving from the Department to Enterprise IT.

New SIIM CIIP Exam Study Materials Now Available

The 2014 IIP Bootcamp Webinar and Training Manual are essentials to prepare for the 2014 ABII CIIP Exam.

SIIM 2014 Hackathon Learning Event

There were many great apps developed at the SIIM Hackathon 2014 using REST technologies, DICOMweb, and HL7 FHIR.

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What is Imaging Informatics?

"Medical imaging informatics is a multidisciplinary field that intersects with the biological sciences, health services, information sciences, medical physics, and engineering.

Imaging informatics touches every aspect of the imaging chain from image creation and acquisition, to image distribution and management, to image storage and retrieval, to image processing, analysis and understanding, to image visualization and data navigation; to image interpretation, reporting, and communications. The field serves as the integrative catalyst for these processes and forms a bridge with imaging and other medical disciplines.

Imaging informatics professionals and scientists specializing in this evolving field are pioneers involved at the intersection of information science, imaging technology and healthcare and require clinical acumen as well as expert understanding of technology."

K. P. Andriole, Chapter in: Advances in Medical Physics. Editors A.B. Wolbarst, R. Zamenholf, "Overview of Medical Imaging Informatics", Medical Physics Publishing, Madison, WI, 2006, pp 201-227.
K. P. Andriole. Business Briefings: Future Directions in Imaging 2006. "Introduction to Radiologic Informatics" 2006, pp 1-4