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Finding Identity – Solving the Complexities of Enterprise PID

Feb 24, 2022

Patient identity in the healthcare enterprise setting remains a complex enigma. With so many systems, such as PACS, VNA, EMRs,…


Help Improve Patient Outcomes through CDS – Understanding the Radiologists Role

Apr 28, 2022

What is clinical decision support in radiology, and how do radiologists interact with these systems? Radiology domain-specific clinical decision support…


AI in Clinical Practice – From Head to Toe

May 24, 2022

While the term “AI” is thrown around freely, do you really know why it’s needed? Learn about existing AI-based applications…


Properties of Digital Pathology Images and Their Influence on Perceived Quality, User Interaction and Display Requirements

Digital pathology is being broadly adopted and many labs currently are planning to go digital. In digital pathology a whole-slide imaging…


What’s in Your PACS? An Intro to DICOM Inventories

Sep 28, 2022

Several use cases, including particularly PACS migration or consolidation, require an inventory of the contents of the PACS/VNA. DICOM recently…


Special Challenges with Sensitive Images

Feb 21, 2023

Enterprise imaging enables the capture and distribution of images from every medical specialty. Because of the very personal nature of…


Doing Research on a Shoestring Budget? Four Open-Source Tools to Jumpstart Your Journey

Feb 22, 2023

Sometimes it is hard to know where to get started, especially when you are constrained by financial resources. SIIM’s Hackathon…


Series Nomenclature Standardization

Mar 23, 2023

Enterprise imaging is at an early crossroads. The ability to share medical images meaningfully between entities, or even internally within…


Collaborative Development of a PACS-Integrated Quality Control Dashboard

Mar 27, 2023

Regular communication between technologists and radiologists is necessary for maintaining optimal diagnostic image quality throughout a radiology practice. In a…


Validation and Regulatory Landscape of AI Models

This webinar will provide practical tips for the implementation of AI models in clinic practice. Specifically, we will address the…

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