The HL7® Messaging – Second Edition by Mike Henderson is an updated and comprehensive guide to the Health Level 7 (HL7®) communication standard, specifically focusing on version 2.x. This electronic edition of the book brings readers up to date with the latest version, 2.5, and offers a wealth of valuable content for those working in the healthcare domain.

The book is thoughtfully structured around a true patient encounter, providing context and practical insights into the application of HL7® messaging within healthcare information systems. Notably, it includes an additional V2.5 and XML encoding example for lab results, enhancing its relevance and applicability.

It is particularly valuable for individuals working in the imaging domain, as it frequently references the Integrating the Health Care Enterprise (IHE) standard, which is crucial in defining profiles for imaging within healthcare systems.

Henderson, an esteemed HL7® veteran, brings extensive experience to the book, having actively contributed to the standardization effort as a member and chair of HL7® working groups. His practical experience in implementing the HL7® standard in the healthcare industry is evident throughout the book. Additionally, Herman Oosterwijk, former co-chair of the HL7® working group for Imaging and Integration, has also contributed to this comprehensive resource.

With its detailed explanations, numerous examples, and relevance to both beginners and experienced professionals, HL7® Messaging – Second Edition serves as an invaluable reference for engineers, system administrators, interface engineers, IT personnel, and anyone seeking a thorough understanding of the HL7® messaging protocol in the healthcare domain. Whether you’re planning to implement, support, or simply gain insight into this vital standard, this book equips you with the knowledge and expertise needed to navigate the complexities of HL7® messaging effectively.


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