This self-paced course, “Overview of the Enterprise and HL7 Version 2,” provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of the enterprise and the intricacies of HL7 Version 2. This course aims to equip learners with the skills to differentiate between various versions of HL7, identify segments in messages, understand acknowledgement modes, and recognize trigger events within messages. 

Participants will delve into essential skills, including parsing HL7 Version 2 messages, reading Abstract Syntax definitions, interpreting text and numeric data fields, and identifying components of crucial segments such as patient identification, visit, observation, and allergy segments. 

The course encompasses a broad range of topics, including the history and background of HL7, message structure and behavior, abstract message syntax, acknowledgements, and specific segments related to patient administration, admission details, and allergies. It serves as a comprehensive introduction to the enterprise and HL7 Version 2, laying the foundation for participants to navigate and understand the complexities of healthcare data exchange. 

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, students will be able to: 

  • Accurately distinguish between different versions of HL7 by correctly identifying the key differences and features of each version. 
  • Identify the different segments in an HL7 message by accurately recognizing and labeling each segment according to its purpose and content. 
  • Differentiate between the two acknowledgement modes in HL7 by correctly identifying the purpose and behavior of each mode and applying the appropriate mode in a given scenario. 
  •  Identify the trigger events in an HL7 message by accurately recognizing and labeling the events that initiate or trigger the transmission of the message. 
  • Extracting and interpreting the data fields and segments in the message, demonstrating proficiency in understanding the structure and content of the message. 

Format/Class Structure 

This course is self-paced, accessible completely online. You can expect to spend about 4 hours completing this course. 

Who Should Take This Course

This self-paced course is suitable for: 

  • Healthcare IT professionals seeking foundational knowledge in HL7 and enterprise-level healthcare data exchange. 
  • IT administrators and professionals working in healthcare organizations aiming to understand the intricacies of HL7 Version 2. 
  • Individuals preparing for certification exams related to healthcare data standards and interoperability. 

Content Outline  

Module 1: History and background

  • Protocol 
  • Versions 
  • Version 3 relationship 
  • IHE 

Module 2: Message structure and behavior

  • Segments 
  • Encoding 
  • Trigger events 
  • Abstract Message Syntax 
  • Acknowledgements 
  • TXT 
  • Numerics 

Module 3: Patient Administration (ADT) 

  • MSH 
  • EVN segments 

Module 4: Admission Details

  • Identification 
  • Visit 
  • Observations 
  • Allergy segments 

CE Credit

The Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine has approved this activity for 4.0 hours of SIIM IIP Credits towards certification and re-certification by the American Board of Imaging Informatics (ABII).

To receive credit for the activity, registrants must complete the course modules and survey.

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After registering for the course, navigate to My Learning in your MySIIM Account profile to access the content.

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  • Interoperability
  • Standards
  • Training

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