About the Journal Of Imaging Informatics In Medicine

Elevate your professional profile by publishing in SIIM’s renowned peer-reviewed official Journal of Imaging Informatics in Medicine (JIIM) indexed in Index Medicus. With special open access issues and worldwide submissions, you can become a global player in your field.

Our goal is to promote knowledge exchange in Imaging Informatics in Medicine, covering research and practices in clinical, engineering, and information technologies across all medical imaging environments. Whether you're a researcher, developer, educator, physician, or imaging informatics professional, JIIM topics are of interest to you.

Our focus is on improving access and quality of care through the acquisition, storage, retrieval, and use of imaging information in healthcare.

Papers are published "online-first" and are fully citable prior to print publication.

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Topics Covered in JIIM

Types of Manuscript Submissions

  1. Hypothesis-driven research and results containing important information relevant to the aims and scope of JIIM
  2. Experience reports designed to provide a vehicle for a group to describe their experience with a new technology or method or a novel approach to using an existing technology
  3. Technical notes or technical tutorials with descriptions of how authors accomplished a particular task in a novel way
  4. Reviews or tutorials based on extensive review of the literature

Papers that report on validation and implementation of informatics technologies and tools will be given precedence over papers that simply describe image processing algorithms, stand-alone evaluation of image analysis tools, and technology descriptions without validation or implementation.

Accurately describe your work through appropriate classifications to match it with the right reviewers.


For any questions or clarifications, feel free to email the Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth A. Krupinski, PhD at elizabeth.anne.krupinski@emory.edu or ekrupinski@siim.org