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Journal Of Imaging Informatics In Medicine

SIIM’s peer-reviewed Journal of Imaging Informatics in Medicine (JIIM) encourages the sharing of knowledge within the field of medical Imaging Informatics. We welcome hypothesis-driven research, experience reports, technical notes, and review articles for publication.

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SIIM provides extensive educational resources to support researchers and aid in the discovery and innovation in the field of medical imaging.


2023 Salary Survey

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Journal Of Imaging Informatics In Medicine

Aug 23, 2023

The Journal of Imaging Informatics in Medicine (JIIM) is the official peer-reviewed journal of the Society for Imaging Informatics in…


Imaging Data Commons (IDC)

Aug 12, 2023

Part of National Cancer Institute, IDC is a cloud-based repository of publicly available cancer imaging data co-located with the analysis…

SIIM Machine Learning Challenges

SIIM organizes and facilitates competitions that tackle complex issues in healthcare using machine learning.