Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)

IHE is an initiative by healthcare professionals and industry to improve the way computer systems in healthcare share information. IHE promotes the coordinated use of established standards such as DICOM and HL7 to address specific clinical needs in support of optimal patient care. Systems developed in accordance with IHE communicate with one another better, are easier to implement, and enable care providers to use information more effectively.

SIIM Involvement with IHE

  • SIIM holds an IHE membership
  • SIIM Liaison Committee member, Brad Genereaux, serves as SIIM Representative to IHE

IHE Technical Frameworks

The IHE Technical Frameworks are a resource for users, developers and implementers of healthcare imaging and information systems. They define specific implementations of established standards to achieve effective systems integration, facilitate appropriate sharing of medical information and support optimal patient care. Technical Framework documents are maintained regularly by the IHE Technical Committees through the identification and correction of errata.

Radiology Technical Framework Latest Resources:

AI Interoperability in Imaging – Published 2021-10-12

AI Workflow for Imaging (AIW-I) – Published 2020-08-06

AI Results (AIR) – Published 2020-07-16


Have you ever wanted to make sure an application can consume and display medical images coming from a variety of sources and from different vendors?

What if vendors were able to perform this testing easily before products were released to the market?

To address this important need, IHE is introducing a new test service, called IHE SHARAZONE, a distinct, continuous DICOM object interoperability test offering, complementing the IHE Connectathon.

The IHE SHARAZONE concept is built on existing, well-proven tooling: a dedicated Gazelle capability which is available globally, 24/7 to registered vendors for selecting shared objects of interest and report testing results to the creators of these objects.

Following the pilot testing by the 10 founding member vendors, the IHE SHARAZONE Registration is now open to all vendors.

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Other Resources

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