The SIIM 2023 Salary Survey compiles data from 150+ respondents to provide you with the information needed to make informed decisions for yourself and your career. Find how you compare to other Imaging Informaticists in the United States.  

Data from the 2023 SIIM Salary Survey ranges across national responses, six regional data segmentations, and data on salary through certification.  

Inside the SIIM 2023 Salary Survey

  1. National Insights
    a. Observe how the Imaging Informatics field has changed from 2020.  
  2. Regional Insights
    a. Evaluate salaries and benefits based on regional segmentation.
    b. Discover how you compare to other Imaging Informaticists in your region. 
  3. Certification Insights
    a. Determine ideal salaries and benefits to your experience level.
    b. Fine-tune your compensation strategy with experience specific data. 

Survey Insights Await You

Discover insights from the 2023 SIIM Salary Survey covering national responses, six regional data segments, and certification-based salary data. Explore diverse question types on personal background, individual career, and organization details.  

Data collection was divided into three question types: personal background, individual career, and organization focused questions.  

Personal Background Questions

  1. Educational Background 
  2. Employment Type 
  3. Certifications 
  4. Background 

Individual Career Questions

  1. Job Role 
  2. Years in the Field 
  3. Work Setting 
  4. Travel Requirements 
  5. Pay Range 

Organization Focused

  1. Benefits 
  2. Institution Type 
  3. Institution Sites 
  4. Imaging Exams Performed 
  5. Members in PACS/Imaging Informatics Support Team 


Publish Date

Mar 22, 2024


  • Research

Resource Type

  • Salary Survey

Audience Type

  • Clinician
  • Developer
  • Imaging IT
  • Researcher/Scientist
  • Student Member in Training (SMIT)
  • Vendor

Non-Member Cost


Member Cost



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