SIIM’s Strategic Goals

The Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) is a professional society representing multidisciplinary imaging informaticists—including scientists, developers, vendors, imaging IT experts, and clinicians--united by their curiosity and commitment to improving health by advancing imaging informatics, with an emphasis on education, research and innovation. SIIM is spearheading the field of imaging informatics through multiple content domains including enterprise imaging, artificial intelligence/machine learning, cybersecurity, infrastructure, and standards.

SIIM continues to lead the development of imaging informatics across the enterprise through strategic initiatives and collaborations with image-centric specialties such as cardiology, pathology and dermatology. SIIM highlights collegiality, innovation and bias towards action as key values in their approach. Subsequently, SIIM has developed one of the first conferences on AI/ML, the Conference on Machine Intelligence in Medical Imaging (CMIMI). Additionally, given the extensive diverse community of imaging informaticists across various subspecialties, #YouBelongatSIIM is a hallmark of the SIIM culture and emblematic of SIIM’s intent for continued growth and sustainability.

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SIIM Strategic Plan 2021-2024


Improved Health through Imaging Informatics


Advancing imaging informatics through innovation, research, and education

Organizational Strategies


Goal: Imaging informaticists lead discovery and innovation in medical imaging informatics.

  • Foster and support community among researchers focused on solving imaging informatics problems.
  • Disseminate imaging informatics discoveries through use of our Journal, social media, and other channels.
  • Secure funding and advocate for discovery of medical imaging informatics technologies.


Goal: Imaging informaticists apply evidence-based practices to teach employees, students of all levels, teams, and departments.

  • Build curricula and provide accessible, affordable, and customizable education for imaging informaticists.
  • Educate imaging informaticists on leadership skills highlighting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Technical Harmonization

Goal: Imaging informaticists lead multidisciplinary consensus on interoperability of imaging informatics.

  • Identify critical needs for technical harmonization and barriers to convergence.
  • Convene multidisciplinary groups to identify, develop, adopt, and implement relevant standards.

Culture of Belonging

Goal: Imaging informaticists create a more representative and inclusive global community offering productive and satisfying careers.

  • Create programs to ensure all feel welcome within SIIM and at its meetings.
  • Expand efforts to recruit students and professionals from underrepresented groups into imaging informatics.

Community Strategies

Support the Global Profession and People of Imaging Informatics

Goal: Diverse, inclusive, engaged, and supportive network of peers committed to advancing the profession of imaging informatics and solving related personal and professional challenges.

  • Assess member and stakeholder needs and maintain and adaptive membership value proposition.
  • Focus on multidisciplinary collaboration, recognizing the unique value of partnership with the industry.
  • Provide reasonably priced access to SIIM for low and middle income countries.

Business Model

Society Excellence Focused on Growth

Goal: Sustainable growth supported by leading-edge technical, operational, and financial infrastructure.

  • Develop partnerships with societies who share interest in imaging informatics throughout the world.
  • Diversify revenue streams to maintain fiscal viability with less reliance on financial markets.
  • Invest in technical and operational infrastructure designed to support growth, while promoting good stewardship of member and stakeholder contributions.

August 2021

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