About SIIM Hackathon

The SIIM Hackathon is a collaborative, relaxed, and supportive social coding event that offers great learning opportunities from other participants and informatics professionals. Additionally, our "Code Heroes" (mentors) are available during the hackathon to provide support. It doesn't matter whether you are an experienced developer or a novice; there is a place for everyone!

Anyone can participate in the SIIM Hackathon. Any time of year.

2023 #SIIMHacks Showcase

This year's Hackathon Showcase was the best ever! Celebrating 10-years of SIIM Hackathons, this year featured a hybrid event that included the most participants in a single SIIM Hackathon and produced 13 teams whose projects made it over the finish line!

SIIM Hackathon Stack


Available 24/7/365 in the cloud

Showcasing the latest standards in imaging informatics such as HL7 FHIR and DICOMweb, complete with sample data as well allowing you to upload your (anonymized) data if you so wish. We've lowered the entry barrier to make learning something easier and quicker than ever before.

All you need to start learning/hacking/fiddling today is an API key... Get yours today!


Real-life like dataset

It is a one of a kind synthetic dataset that marries clinical data and images in sensical, cohesive manner, instead of being completely random. With 5 patient vignettes, it is great for newbies and experienced informaticians alike.

The open-source dataset is already loaded on the cloud servers, but is also available on GitHub if you want to load it onto your servers, or even better, contribute to the dataset!


Get started in no time

We're big believers in easy 60-second "Hello World" type of examples to help you get on your feet fast, but we also provide more advanced guides as well as other APIs to help you create the perfect mash-up!

Join the hackathon group on SIIM's website, not only for access to the guides, but also to connect with a community of like-minded individuals who can help answer questions and provide inspiration

Past Awardees

Prepare to Be Inspired

There is no shortage of things that need fixed, improved and innovated in medical imaging. The projects that have come out of the Hackathon strive to make a difference in healthcare! Check out these past winners and get inspired for the 2024 SIIM Hackathon!