About the Program

*RAD-AID is cautiously reinstating international travel and will monitor the evolution of the ongoing pandemic closely.

As part of SIIM Global Outreach Committee, with a mission of advancing Imaging Informatics throughout the developing world, we have joined forces with RAD-AID International to create the SIIM Global Ambassador program.

This program supplies grants for SIIM members with strong creative thinking and excellent communication skills to support travel with an interdisciplinary RAD-AID team to help underserved and developing regions of the world.

Prior to travel, SIIM Global Ambassadors work with RAD-AID informatics experts to plan interventions tailored to these unique environments, including troubleshooting, system configuration, upgrades, maintenance, and end-user training.

See the short video on RAD-AID's model for supporting artificial intelligence and other IT infrastructure + clinical education in low-resource hospitals.

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Criteria and Expectations

  • Active SIIM Member for at least 2 years
  • Has attended at least 1 SIIM Annual Meeting (2 preferred)
  • Experience with (or willingness to use) social media
  • CIIP Eligibility (certification preferred)

Travel Details

SIIM Global Ambassador will be required to sign RAD-AID's Participant Agreement, which will act to advise the participant on safety measures. The SIIM Global Ambassador on a RAD-AID team will receive regular preparation and pre-trip guidance from RAD-AID program leaders.

For safety, RAD-AID's team leaders continuously monitor reports from US embassies and State Department, and have a 24-hour travel agent coverage that can help change/remedy any travel difficulties that may arise.


Make sure to review the above listed Selection Criteria, RAD-AID Participant Agreement and our expectations from the SIIM Global Ambassador before applying.

Applications are reviewed jointly by RAD-AID and SIIM. The timeline for the notification of selected candidates depends on the schedule for upcoming trips. After being confirmed, SIIM Global Ambassadors work closely with the RAD-AID Program Leader on all further details to ensure a safe and successful trip.

For questions, please contact Susan Houchins (shouchins@siim.org or 703-723-0432 x322) at the SIIM Office.

2017 Pilot Program

For the 2017 pilot program, two SIIM Global Ambassadors – Starla Longfellow of Emory Healthcare and David Marichal of Sunetos Solutions – traveled to Laos and Nicaragua, countries where RAD-AID has recently installed PACS.

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2018 SIIM Global Ambassadors

In 2018, SIIM sponsored 3 Global Ambassadors, who traveled to Guyana, Ghana and India to lend a helping hand at local hospitals.


2019 SIIM Global Ambassadors

In 2019, four SIIM Global Ambassadors set out on a mission to Guyana, Nigeria and Nepal to do their part in improving global health.

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SIIM & RAD-AID Partnership Announcement

Daniel J. Mollura, MD, President & CEO of RAD-AID announced partnership with SIIM on November 4 during the 2017 RAD-AID Conference at the World Health Organization Headquarters, Washington, DC.

Starla Longfellow and David Marichal, the first two SIIM Global Ambassadors, were invited to the conference to discuss their experience in Laos and Nicaragua.