The Leading Prep Course for ABII CIIP Certification

Our IIP Bootcamp is the leading way for imaging informatics professionals to confidently prepare to take the ABII-CIIP certification exam.

As trailblazing collaborators, SIIM and the American Board of Imaging Informatics (ABII) go hand in hand. Together, SIIM’s expert training and ABII’s accreditation governance help prepare and inspire imaging informatics professionals to be at their best in today’s rapidly changing environment.

ABII’s CIIP designation is globally recognized as a mark of excellence showing the holder has demonstrated the knowledge and competency to assure expertise in advanced imaging informatics applications.

SIIM’s IIP Bootcamp is the leading preparatory course for ABII’s CIIP certification exam. With a 75% success rate, the IIP Bootcamp is an effective pathway to advancement along your career journey in the field.

Study preparation is key on the road to meaningful mastery. Anyone can register at any time year-round for the IIP Bootcamp, however, the most efficient process is to first meet the eligibility requirements of ABII’s CIIP exam.

CIIP Exam Prep
75% Pass Rate
8HRS + Test Time
9HRS ASRT Category A Credits

Designed for Success

The IIP Bootcamp is an immersive 6-week online learning experience that brings together all the critical, multidisciplinary information covered in ABII’s CIIP exam (including ABII TCO revisions) in a highly efficient way. The structured, practice-based format helps refresh knowledge, sharpen skills and Identify areas where more education and understanding are needed. And no matter when you enroll, IIP Bootcamp faculty are available throughout the course to help support you to learn at your best and obtain the range of knowledge and competencies required to pass successfully.

An Effective and Lasting Positive Learning Experience

The IIP Bootcamp is designed to use professional development time and energy more effectively. Registration is offered year-round to accommodate busy schedules, skills and interests of those seeking to achieve new levels of career goals and satisfaction.

IIP Bootcamp is great for:
  • Imaging informatics professionals

  • Physicians

  • Residents

  • Clinical Informaticists and Fellows 

  • Enterprise IT

  • Clinical Applications Professionals

  • Technologists 

  • Anyone seeking to learn about the administration of PACS and Enterprise Management Systems

Bootcamp Highlights

  • 8-Hours of coursework + test time
  • Self-paced, on-demand learning
    • Pre-recorded live instruction
    • Virtual challenges and assessments
    • Imaging Informatics refresher course
  • Bootcamp Training eManual - Includes presentation slides, SIIM resources, external resources, practice test, and more
  • Mentoring and access to SIIM IPP Bootcamp faculty
  • 9 Continuing Education credits
  • 12-Month access to SIIM resources
  • Discussion boards for post-course engagement

What You Will Learn

The IIP Bootcamp puts it all together covering the concepts you’ll need to demonstrate in order to pass ABII’s CIIP exam.

  • Fundamentals of Imaging Informatics
  • Implementing system-wide PACS
  • Adapting to different workflows
  • Sharing data across systems and VNAs (Vendor Neutral Archives)
  • Emphasis on competencies as per the 10 domains of ABII’s certification test
  • ABII certification versus SIIM IIP education goal

Make Every Minute Count!

There’s never been a better time to be an imaging informaticist and we’re here to help you make your mark of excellence. Enroll today and let our IIP Bootcamp help you make your next move quickly and conveniently, grow professionally and reach your dreams and goals.