Journal of Digital Imaging Open Access Article

Henri Primo, Matthew Bishop, Louis Lannum, Dawn Cram, Abe Nader & Roger Boodoo


An enterprise imaging (EI) strategy is an organized plan to optimize the electronic health record (EHR) so that healthcare providers have intuitive and immediate access to all patient clinical images and their associated documentation, regardless of source. We describe ten steps recommended to achieve the goal of implementing EI for an institution. The first step is to define and access all images used for medical decision-making. Next, demonstrate how EI is a powerful strategy for enhancing patient and caregiver experience, improving population health, and reducing cost. Then, it is recommended that one must understand the specialties and their clinical workflow challenges as related to imaging. Step four is to create a strategy to improve quality of care and patient safety with EI. Step five demonstrates how EI can reduce costs. Then, show how EI can help enhance the patient experience. Step seven suggests how EI can enhance the work life of caregivers and step eight describes how to develop EI governance. Step nine describes the plan to implement an EI project, and finally, step 10, to understand cybersecurity from a patient safety perspective and to protect images from accidental and malicious intrusion.

Publish Date

Jun 8, 2019



Resource Type

  • Original Paper
  • White Paper

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  • Clinician
  • Developer
  • Imaging IT
  • Researcher/Scientist


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