Leesburg, VA – November 10, 2022

The Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) announces the roll out of domain content in digital pathology–concurrent with radiology–to the National Imaging Informatics Curriculum and Course (NIIC) for the Fall Term 2023. The pathology content and presenters have been selected in collaboration with the Digital Pathology Association (DPA).
“Recognizing the value of imaging informatics as a Winter Term 2020 participant of the NIIC-RAD while a pathology resident, I’m excited for DPA to be the inaugural sponsor of digital pathology for the NIIC,” stated DPA Board Member Daniel Gonzalez, MD who completed his Informatics Fellowship at UPMC last year and is currently with Compass Dermatopathology in San Diego. A non-profit organization comprised of pathologists, scientists, technologists, and industry representatives dedicated to advancing the field of digital pathology, DPA’s mission is to facilitate awareness, education and adoption of digital pathology and AI applications in healthcare and life sciences.
Launched in Fall 2017, the National Imaging Informatics Curriculum/Course (NIIC) was developed as a synchronous, week-long online course targeting fourth-year radiology residents. Known initially as NIIC-RAD, the program has been conducted twice annually for each of the past six years in collaboration with the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).
Held virtually September 18-22, imaging informaticists, including radiologists and pathologists, will engage collectively throughout 75% of the NIIC course, break out into the respective domains for 25%, and have access to 100% of the content during the Fall Term 2023 with 3-months to complete coursework. Participants retain access to NIIC resources for 24-months. SIIM is pleased to work with RSNA and DPA as sponsoring organizations of the radiology and digital pathology domains, respectively.
“The pathology and radiology informatics communities share many common challenges and opportunities. Since much of the curriculum is widely applicable and relevant to clinical enterprise imaging broadly, it’s no surprise that interest in the NIIC has grown to include both of these disciplines,” explained NIIC Program Committee Chair Nabile Safdar, MD and SIIM Chair Elect. “Going forward, SIIM plans to continue incorporating image-centric content to the NIIC reflective of enterprise imaging,” added NIIC Program Committee Vice-Chair Charlene Tomaselli, RT(R)(M), MBA, CIIP.
Given the extensive diverse community of imaging informaticists, #YouBelongatSIIM is a hallmark of the SIIM culture inclusive of the various subspecialties.

About the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine

The Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) is the leading healthcare professional organization for those interested in the current and future use of informatics in medical imaging. The Society’s mission is to advance medical imaging informatics across the Enterprise through education, research, and innovation in a multi-disciplinary community.


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