“We are creating the golden age of medicine because of the breakthroughs, and we have to keep the pedal to the metal. Why? Because the job is not done. There are so many things that still elude us,”

Congresswoman Anna G. Eshoo, the 2024 Academy Gold Medal awardee, remarked at the MedTech show during the meeting with Early Career Investigators in Imaging (CECI²) Class of 2023-24. This powerful statement set the tone for my experience with CECI², sponsored by the Society of Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM).

This opportunity, initiated by The Academy for Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Research, served as an eye-opener, bridging the gap between early career investigators and seasoned researchers across various disciplines. Engaging in numerous virtual sessions, I explored the intricacies of advocacy—a concept that initially seemed confusing to me. Through workshops on NIH funding, grant applications, and career development led by distinguished leaders in the field, I gained invaluable insights into the advocacy process. This digital engagement phase laid a robust foundation, enhancing my understanding and appreciation of the critical role advocacy plays in securing research funding and advancing the imaging informatics field.

Transitioning to Level 2 of the program, my experience reached new heights with the Annual Medical Imaging Technology Showcase, Congressional Events, and visits to NIH. The research roundtable discussions were particularly enlightening, as they highlighted the challenges and opportunities within AI in medical imaging, resource distribution, and sustainability. Presenting my research at the MedTech Show 2024 in the Congress building emphasized the importance of our work. It offered a fantastic platform for networking with like-minded professionals and thought leaders. Perhaps the most impactful was our “Hill Day” experience, where we engaged directly with senators’ offices on Capitol Hill, articulating the value and impact of NIH-funded research. These in-person engagements emphasized the importance of our work and the need for continued advocacy, leaving me motivated and inspired to contribute further to the imaging research field. This journey with CECI² was not just a learning experience; it was an opportunity to be at the forefront of change, advocating for the future of biomedical and imaging research.

I am deeply thankful to SIIM for granting me this invaluable opportunity to enrich my professional journey.

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Mana Moassefi, MD

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Mar 18, 2024


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