Recap From SIIM Board Chair

Our volunteer leaders love SIIM! So much so, that the SIIM Board and chairs and vice chairs of our various groups spent Super Bowl Sunday through Valentine’s Day at SIIM HQ for our annual strategic retreat.


We spent part of our time together considering the future, with a guided workshop on foresight planning. How does SIIM position itself for success in an environment with significant healthcare disruption and high algorithm and data chaos? Although we didn’t fix all the world’s (or even SIIM’s) challenges, we learned a new set of skills that will serve us well as we shepherd our community of imaging informaticists through the uncertainty of the future.


One of my favorite parts of the retreat was our tactical calibration. In alignment with SIIM’s strategic plan, every year our committees, councils, communities, and task forces (C3TF) present their tactics and priorities. The calibration exercise enabled all of us to learn about the amazing initiatives being planned for SIIM in 2024, detect areas of unexpected overlap, and identify opportunities for our leadership groups to collaborate. As the year progresses, keep an eye out for the new opportunities to engage with SIIM and get more involved.

This year, we tried a new brainstorming exercise brought to us by our CEO Cheryl Carey called “Slap It”. Armed with a stack of index cards, teams of SIIM leaders came up with creative–and sometimes bizarre–ideas for how to increase membership and engagement from our various personas. We’re excited to bring you new and unique experiences at SIIM borne of this exercise!


As I concluded my last strategic retreat as SIIM Board Chair, I found myself sitting in the nearly empty meeting room in Leesburg, reflecting on the last year and a half I’ve spent in this role. Chairing the organization to which I owe a great deal of my professional success has been the greatest honor of my career, but even more so, getting to learn and work alongside the great minds of SIIM and the phenomenal SIIM staff, is better than any other membership benefit I could imagine.

As we ride the wave towards SIIM 2024, we hope to see many of you in National Harbor. Please bring your colleagues—imaging informaticists, industry partners, and C-suite leaders—to the annual meeting: you—and they—belong at SIIM!

Written by

SIIM Board Chair Tessa Cook, MD, PhD, CIIP, FSIIM

Publish date

Feb 15, 2024


  • Administration and Operations

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