The Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine presents the 2021 SIIM Webinar Series sponsored by Barco

Leesburg, VA — January 11, 2021 — Medical imaging informatics plays a crucial role in transitioning the healthcare enterprise to value-based care. Through a monthly series of educational webinars, the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) continues its commitment to improving healthcare delivery by showcasing thought leaders, innovations, and present-day case studies on the topics that matter most. In 2021, the Society will showcase the advancements to enterprise imaging made over the last several years, featuring proactive and reactive cybersecurity, cloud-based image management, data migration, and telehealth’s increasing role in the present and post-pandemic environments.

SIIM teams up with Barco, a SIIM corporate member and Visionary Partner, to launch the SIIM 2021 Enterprise Imaging Webinar Series. The series focuses on how to improve patient care delivery throughout the enterprise while emphasizing best practice operationalization.

“Barco is honored to sponsor the 2021 Enterprise Imaging Webinar Series, recognizing the importance of seamless image quality across the healthcare enterprise. We look forward to a year full of engaging and educational discussions from dedicated experts on medical imaging and the healthcare IT field,” says Mike Sklar, Vice President of Healthcare, Americas, Barco. “To make self-assured image interpretations, radiologists and other physicians need superior image quality with reliable, worry-free digital displays. As an industry, it is up to us to provide ever-improving web-based IT solutions that can remotely monitor devices and displays; detect security, compliance, or quality issues in real-time; and automatically respond to them across the enterprise. This approach not only increases clinical flexibility, but it also enables IT to redeploy scarce resources more efficiently.”

“SIIM is where users and industry come together to transform healthcare through cutting-edge education and disruptive solutions. We could not be more excited and grateful to Barco for sponsoring the 2021 Enterprise Imaging Webinar Series,” says Marc Kohli, MD, SIIM Chair.

All webinar participants may submit questions to expert speakers during live Q&A sessions. They can connect with and learn from global thought leaders and industry experts on a wide range of enterprise-related topics. SIIM Members are eligible to receive 1.0-hour of SIIM IIP Credit for attending the “Live” webinars and can also access the recordings on-demand. Register for the series to learn how enterprise imaging is being implemented and operationalized globally.

About the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine

The Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) is the leading healthcare professional organization for those interested in the current and future use of informatics in medical imaging. The Society’s mission is to advance medical imaging informatics across the enterprise through education, research, and innovation in a multi-disciplinary community.


Priyanka Harilal
SIIM Director of Marketing & Communications

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Jan 12, 2021


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