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On-Demand: Clinical Anatomy and Systems

This on-demand course offers students a comprehensive understanding of human anatomy, focusing on body parts and their functions across systems,…


On-Demand: Healthcare IT Fundamentals

This on-demand course aims to provide students with a basic understanding of the hardware and software components involved in healthcare…


On-Demand: Healthcare IT Infrastructure

This course covers healthcare IT systems, focusing on networking and imaging technology components. Students will learn about security mechanisms, network…

medical imaging


On-Demand: Medical Imaging Technology

This on-demand course offers a comprehensive understanding of medical imaging technologies, covering topics like recognizing modalities from images, understanding their…


On-Demand: Introduction to Medical Digital Imaging

This comprehensive on-demand course explores various medical imaging modalities, covering operating principles, clinical applications, data considerations, and interpretive aspects. Students…


On-Demand: Workflow and Digital Radiography

This on-demand course equips participants with the knowledge to enhance workflows in radiology and related specialties employing imaging technology, covering…


On-Demand: Introduction to PACS

This course delves into Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), covering key hardware components, various architectures, and vendor-specific differences. It…


PACS Certification (CPAS) IT Package

The PACS Certification (CPAS) IT Package is a comprehensive self-study program designed for individuals seeking proficiency in Healthcare IT Fundamentals…

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