About the ML Education Subcomittee

The ML Education subcommittee is a crucial part of the SIIM Machine Learning Committee and is in charge of accomplishing Strategic Goal 2: Advancing Translational/Reproducible Research and promoting standards. SIIM strives to be the leading source for imaging informatics knowledge, bringing together industry and academic leaders to accelerate the application of research from practice to application.


  • Ensure the content of the Committee git site is current and functional.
  • Oversee the content coordination for new presentations at the SIIM Annual Meeting and other meetings.
  • Lead the efforts to write papers of relevance to the Sub-committee, (i.e. completing the stub paper on how to review ML papers).



  • Timothy KlineMayo Clinic

Vice Chair

  • Paulo Kuriki, MDUT Southwestern Medical Center


  • Sara Sadat Aghamiri, MSUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Roxana DaneshjouStanford Health Care
  • Eduardo FarinaUniversidade Federal de Sao Paulo
  • Ali Ganjizadeh, MDMayo Clinic
  • Atlas Haddadi Avval, MDMashhad University of Medical Sciences
  • Bardia Khosravi, MD, MPH, MHPEMayo Clinic - Rochester
  • Farhad Maleki, PhDUniversity of Calgary
  • Mana MoassefiMayo Clinic - Rochester
  • Linda Moy, MDNYU Langone Health
  • Abel Reyes-Angulo, MSMichigan Technological University
  • Pouria Rouzrokh, MD, MPH, MHPEMayo Clinic - Rochester
  • Susan Sotardi, MD, MS, CIIPChildren's Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Neil Tenenholtz, PhDMicrosoft Corporation
  • Daniel WarrenWashington University/Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology


  • Anna ZawackiStaff LiaisonSIIM