What is your current imaging informaticist role?

I’m a Senior Technical Analyst, where I Co-chair the Clinical Imaging AI Program at Penn Medicine, and I’m the Operations Director of RAD-AID Informatics.

If you could choose anyone as a mentor, who would you choose?

If I had to pick just one right now, it would be Angela Duckworth; her book Grit changed my life.

How do you define success?

I don’t think I can define success. While I sometimes feel successful having achieved some things beyond the scope of my vision, I also feel like success is a moving target.

People love the networking at SIIM. Do you have a networking / mentor / volunteer story?

I was both excited and nervous about attending my first annual meeting, unsure of what to expect and how to network while also geeking out over all the sessions. From the door, I ended up having such an amazing experience, I met so many new people, and it didn’t feel like networking.

A memorable event was attending the Women in Informatics round table where I had the privilege of watching Tessa Cook (a mentor of mine at Penn Medicine) co-run the session while also sitting at a table and being introduced to Nikki Fennel, who helped me get involved with my first volunteer opportunity, the CIIP Task Force.

Member Spotlight

Job Title

Co-Chair, Clinical Imaging AI Program

Affiliated institution

Penn Medicine

Publish Date

Sep 28, 2021