What is your current imaging informaticist role?

Informatics research and consulting.

What do you love most about imaging informatics?

Informatics underpins how radiology and other image-centric specialties operate today.

If you could choose anyone as a mentor, who would you choose?

Teri Sippel Schmidt.

What one thing, either industry-related or not, did you learn in the last month?

Using unsupervised machine learning to identify patterns in complex patient data.

How do you define success?

Seeing bright up-and-coming people advance in radiology informatics.

What’s the last book you read or TV series you binged?

Two books. First, Living for Pleasure by Emily Austin explores Epicurus’ philosophy of happiness. The other is Hulten’s book Building Intelligent Systems; a must-read for imaging informaticists.

People love the networking at SIIM. Do you have a networking story?

I started at SIIM knowing nothing and asking questions of everyone; I burned the ears off of SIIM luminaries including Kathy Andriole, Brad Erickson, Keith Dreyer, David Avrin, Adam Flanders, and many others. They were like, “Who is this guy and why is he peppering me with questions?”

Member Spotlight

Job Title

Informatics research and consulting

Publish Date

Feb 21, 2023