In this episode, host Mohannad chats with Jason Klotzer and Markus Herrmann about pathology imaging standards. The team discusses the unique perspective of digital pathology and how the specialty has adopted DICOM standards to meet the needs of the pathologist’s imaging workflow, as well as a hackathon sponsored by the DPA and DICOM Workgroup 26.

Jason Klotzer is a customer engineer working for the Healthcare vertical of Google Cloud, and he is based out of Austin, TX and has worked in the medical imaging space for more than 15 years. He has architected several PACS and VNA systems, specializing in visualization of medical images for diagnostic reading, recently focusing on the needs of AI/ML and analytics in medical imaging.

Markus Herrmann serves as Director of Computational Pathology at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Assistant Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School. His research focuses on the development of novel quantitative imaging biomarkers and computer-aided diagnostic tests combining microscopy imaging, computer vision, and mathematical modeling. Markus is active in national and international efforts to advance the standardization and adoption of digital and computational pathology, including the DICOM Working Group 26 Pathology, the IHE Pathology and Laboratory Medicine domain, the Pathology Innovation Collaborative Community, the Digital and Computational Pathology Committee of the College of American Pathologists, and the Regulatory and Standards Task Force of the Digital Pathology Association.

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Feb 26, 2022



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