This engaging webinar is tailored specifically for members of SIIM Community who are dedicated to integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into radiology practices. As AI reshapes the landscape of medical imaging, ensuring the continuous monitoring and management of these algorithms post-deployment becomes imperative for upholding high standards of care, diagnostic accuracy, and regulatory compliance. Our distinguished speakers, all experts in the field of imaging informatics and AI, will share cutting-edge strategies, tools, and best practices for post-production monitoring of AI algorithms. This session promises to equip SIIM members with the knowledge needed to effectively oversee AI applications in radiology, fostering innovation while safeguarding patient outcomes.


  • Grasp the Significance of Post-Production AI Monitoring: Understand the critical role of post-production monitoring in optimizing AI algorithm performance, enhancing patient safety, and ensuring the highest diagnostic accuracy within radiology practices.
  • Master Best Practices and Evaluation Techniques: Learn about the latest best practices and evaluation methodologies to continuously monitor, assess, and validate AI algorithms after deployment. This includes insights into handling algorithmic drift, performance metrics, and ensuring that AI tools remain aligned with clinical goals and standards.
  • Discover Tailored Tools and Strategies: Explore an array of tools, technologies, and strategies specifically beneficial in the management of AI in radiology. This includes insights into leveraging community knowledge, adhering to guidelines, and utilizing informatics principles to effectively manage and update AI algorithms, ensuring they meet the evolving landscape of regulatory and clinical requirements.

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SIIM has approved this activity for 1.0 hours of SIIM IIP Credits towards certification and re-certification by the American Board of Imaging Informatics (ABII).

To receive credit, registrants must view the entire webinar and then complete the post-webinar survey. Webinar credits will only be awarded one time per webinar view, regardless of if the learner watches the content live or on-demand.

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Mar 19, 2024

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Ameena Elahi, MPA, RT(R), CIIP

IS Application Manager

University of Pennsylvania Health System – Penn Medicine

Matheus Ferreira

Lead Data Scientist & MLOps Manager


Timothy L. Kline, PhD

Assistant Professor of Radiology

Mayo Clinic, Moderator

Walter Wiggins, MD, PhD


Greensboro Radiology


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