Press Registration

Credentialed press is eligible to receive complimentary press registration (press pass) which allows access to all educational sessions at the 2023 Conference on Machine Intelligence in Medical Imaging (CMIMI).

Freelance writers may request press credentials if they are on assignment for a specific publication, and if accompanied by a letter of assignment from the publication.

To request a Press Pass, email Anna Zawacki. The deadline for requesting a press registration is September 25, 2023.

CMIMI press credentials are available to full-time editorial personnel only, including staff writers for trade publications, mainstream media outlets, or online publications. This does not include ad sales reps, production personnel, or marketing personnel.

Any sales, marketing, and/or advertising personnel from trade publications must register as a regular meeting attendee in order to gain access to the educational sessions.

Individuals who do not qualify for complimentary media registration include but are not limited to the following:

  • Book authors
  • Freelance writers not on assignment or employed by non-news organizations
  • Non-editorial employees of news organizations (including CEOs, presidents, vice presidents, publishers, associate/assistant publishers, advertising, marketing, public relations, sales staff, or project managers)
  • Companies/organizations producing publications, videos, and/or other items for the purpose of marketing, advertising, financial analysis, or public relations
    Consultants who develop, write, or edit a corporate newsletter or similar publication for their own firm or another firm
  • Financial analysts and consultants
  • Sponsors
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Press Inquiries

If you have a question about the CMIMI23 press policies, please contact Priyanka Harilal at 703-723-0432 x 315 or email.