Templates play a pivotal role in DICOM Structured Reports (SR), providing structured order among the infinite number of potential structures that could be created using the SR components. A template can either be communicated as part of the generic SR Service-Object Pair (SOP) Class, or a separate SOP Class may be defined that’s constrained to utilize only certain template(s).

In the context of a complex template such as one defined for CAD mammography, which is designed to be interpreted by specific applications, the specification of a dedicated SOP Class is particularly beneficial.

The object utilized to exchange the outcomes of a CAD mammography system, like the CAD SR SOP Class, is generated by a software program. This program interprets a digitized mammogram, scanning for potential micro-calcifications or nodules. The output typically overlays on the original image, pinpointing with markers where the potential lesion was detected to assist a radiologist in diagnosis.

The CAD mammography SR allows the encapsulation of not only the algorithm outputs (CAD Processing and Findings Summary), but also a list of detections (Summary of Detections) and subsequent analysis (Summary of Analysis). It includes references to the DICOM images (Image Library) that were employed in the CAD procedure.

Retaining analysis results is important as it can serve as input for future CAD operations, facilitating correlation with new results.

Mammography reports in the U.S. are highly regulated. They’re structured and use well-defined terms to denote the findings, in accordance with the Breast Imaging-Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS), an American ollege of Radiology (ACR) classification system used in mammography reporting. This system standardizes mammography reports, improves communication with referring physicians, and facilitates outcome monitoring. In this context, CAD systems and the BI-RADS classification work synergistically. CAD can enhance detection of potential lesions, while BI-RADS provides a consistent framework for interpreting and reporting these findings. BI-RADS reports may refer back to the CAD report. The template for use is defined as part of the breast image report SOP Class.


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