DICOMWeb is a new version of the DICOM protocol. It specifies a web-based service for accessing and presenting DICOM objects (e.g., images, measurements, and, to some degree, medical imaging reports). It is primarily intended for distribution of results and images to healthcare professionals; it is not meant to replace how modalities such as CT, MR, digital X-ray, and other acquisition devices connect to a PACS as this is based on the existing, mature, traditional DICOM communication standard.

DICOMWeb provides a simple mechanism for accessing a DICOM object using commonly used web protocols, i.e. a HTTP/HTTPS protocol. It does not support facilities for broad web searching of DICOM images, but it allows querying a distinctly defined database e.g. a PACS, VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive), or image registry such as a private or public Health Information Exchange (HIE) for imaging studies and related patient information.

DICOMWeb can not only provide access to the native DICOM image information, but it also allows a request for the object provider to convert the data in a presentation-ready format such as a JPEG or other representation of the DICOM image. However, one should note that DICOMWeb relates, operates, and refers only to native DICOM Objects, i.e. NOT to objects, which are stored natively in a non-DICOM format such as JPE’s, PDF documents, and others




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