The Image Fusion Integration Profile is part of the IHE Radiology Technical Framework.

This profile specifies how images and associated spatial registration and blending information can be exchanged, stored, queried, retrieved, processed and displayed. For a blended display, it is essential that a workstation correctly identifies and retrieves the corresponding image sets, matches data from single-slice and multi-slice datasets, performs spatial translations, and renders the fused display. The use of relevant DICOM objects (Blending Softcopy Presentation State, Spatial Registration) is clarified and constrained in order to avoid misinterpretation.

This profile focuses on content for image fusion and does not define a registration workflow. Such workflow could be managed by using mechanisms described in the Post-Processing Workflow Integration Profile.

This profile currently only handles rigid registration. The intention is to add deformable registration as an extension to the Profile when the Deformable Registration IOD is approved for inclusion in the DICOM Standard.

This profile does not specify the use of quantification methods for the image data that is created or displayed. In particular interoperability for PET Standard Uptake Values (SUV) is considered a relevant future work item for IHE.


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