The Key Image Note (KIN) or Key Object Note (KON) Integration Profile is a part of the IHE Radiology Technical Framework.

This profile specifies transactions that allow a user to mark one or more images in a study as significant by attaching to them a note managed together with the study. This note includes a title stating the purpose of marking the images and a user comment field. Physicians may attach Key Image Notes to images for a variety of purposes: referring physician access, teaching files selection, consultation with other departments, and image quality issues, etc.

Structured Reports is a composite object that has the same type of information in its header (Patient Name, ID, etc.) and shares the same study information as the image. In fact, on a user interface screen at a workstation, it would most likely be identified as part of the same study with the modality displayed as KON (Key Object Note). As illustrated by its name, this object was generalized beyond identifying key images to any key composite DICOM objects, which could be a DICOM Presentation State, waveform, etc.


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