Exchanges simple reports with image links and, optionally, measurements in a DICOM format. The Simple Image and Numeric Report (SINR) integration profile is part of the IHE Radiology Technical Framework.

This profile facilitates the growing use of digital dictation, voice recognition, and specialized reporting packages by separating the functions of reporting into discrete actors for creation, management, storage, and viewing. Separating these functions while defining transactions to exchange the reports between them enables a vendor to include one or more of these functions in an actual system.

Reports exchanged have a simple structure attractive to many imaging departments: a title, an observation context, and one or more sections, each with a heading, observation context, text, image references, and optionally coded measurements. Some elements can also be coded to facilitate computer searches. Such reports can be input to the formal diagnostic report, thus avoiding re-entry of information.

This profile defines two DICOM structured report (SR) patterns, one that uses the Basic Text SR IOD, and one that uses the Enhanced SR IOD. Both of these patterns employ the Basic Image Diagnostic Report template. The observation context may also be encoded in either pattern using the identically named template.




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