Hacking Healthcare - 2015 SIIM Hackathon
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Hackers, SIIM wants You!Building on last year’s success, the SIIM Hackathon is going to be bigger and better this year!

What is a hackathon? It is an event within the annual meeting aimed at supporting workflow and process improvement across healthcare. SIIM will provide a set of cloud-based APIs to highlight the next generation of health IT standards including the new REST-based DICOM and HL7 standards: WADO­RS, QIDO­RS, STOW-RS, HL7 FHIR, and SIIM’s SWIM. Despite all the tech jargon, hackathons, and hacking are not only for computer programmers - we welcome anyone with an appetite for solving problems and improving healthcare. Non-technical participants can be paired with programmers to help them make their vision a reality!

About the Hackathon

Hackathon participants will be able to learn from their fellow participants and industry experts that will be present at the Hackathon. Access to the APIs will be made available to registered participants in advance of the annual meeting (exact date to be announced), so that you can start programming before you get on site.

In addition to access to the APIs in the cloud, SIIM will provide...

  • API documentation with a developer support forum
  • Sample patient data (imaging and associated data)
  • Dedicated high speed wireless
  • A whiteboard for brainstorming
  • Lunch, snack bars and drinks
  • A 2015 Hackathon t-shirt that will be the envy of all your friends!

How the Hackathon Will Work

The Hackathon HQ will be prominently located in the Science & Innovation Pavilion adjacent to the SIIM 2015 Exhibit Hall. In addition, speakers that are providing educational talks on the APIs will let attendees know about the Hackathon, and will encourage them to swing by the Hackathon HQ throughout the annual meeting for a highlight of the work being done by the Hackers.

The Hackathon HQ will be open as follows:
Hackathon Participant Hours:

Thursday, May 28: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Friday, May 29: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Friday, May 29: 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm (During the Science & Innovation Reception)
Saturday, May 30: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Note: As the APIs will be available in the cloud, they will be accessible to registered Hackathon participants at any time, day or night.

Special “Code Heroes” with expert knowledge in the APIs and standards will be available at the Hackathon HQ to provide support to hackers, as well as answer questions from attendees that stop by to watch the action.

What You Need to Bring

Hackathon participants with signed participant agreements need to supply:

  1. A laptop with your preferred development tools installed
  2. Headphones for maximum focus!
  3. Great ideas and a hunger to hack healthcare

How to Apply

  1. Register for the SIIM 2015 Annual Meeting
  2. Complete the Hackathon Registration Form
  3. Complete the Hackathon Participation Agreement

Hackathon registration acceptance will be confirmed, via email, once all three requirements above have been met. In the event that SIIM receives more applications than facility space will allow, SIIM reserves the right to select participants based on their Hackathon Registration Form content and submission date.


If you have any questions that are not answered below, please email Hackathon organizers at meetings@siim.org

Is there a cost to participate in the Hackathon?
No, as long as you are a full SIIM 2015 Annual Meeting registrant, you may apply to participate in the Hackathon.

What skill level do I need to participate?
If you are comfortable coding or using Web toolkits to build applications, you are likely ready to hack using these simple, URL­ based APIs. If you are non-technical, we still want to hear your ideas for solving healthcare problems!

I work for a vendor. May I participate?
Yes, as long as you do not violate any intellectual property rights of your employer by using software you are not allowed to. You must be registered for the annual meeting as an attendee or as an exhibitor.

May I promote my participation in the Hackathon?
Of course – it is encouraged! This event is about learning and sharing knowledge. Use #SIIMHacks to let everyone know what you are up to.

I found an open source app that might be cool to integrate; can I use it, or do I have to make my own app?
You can use open source software or create your own app. As with any the usage of any open source software, be sure to understand the license terms. Hackathon organizers encourage open source projects.

If I make an app or integration, do I still own the rights to it if I participate in the SIIM Hackathon?
Yes, SIIM is organizing the Hackathon for educational purposes only.

Can Hackers form teams and work together?
Yes. Go for it!